Thursday, March 6, 2014

World's Best Dad, that's My Dad...

Always smiling and always pleasant and positive about all that he did and told us they same to be positive.. A very stylist man, if i have a little bit of the gentleman qualities its cause of my dad he was a Pure Gem..

A man who lived all his live for his wife and kids, you would say every man lives for his kids and wife but Daddy put behind everything for us, his dreams his wishes and he lived abroad alone just to make sure his kids lived their dreams and they got all they wanted from the smallest to the biggest thing.. And he never complained, not once..

We both boys were not easy kids, but mommy took up the responsibility to make us what we are today and dad made sure we had noting to worry, daddy came home once in a year for 45-50days and the house was all loud and fun.. He loved cricket, music and movies.. He made sure i played cricket and wanted me to excel i did my bit and i am sure he was happy with what i achieved even if it was little.. I remember how he used to come to the ground to watch the game and he used to hide and record me play and when i come home he used to play it for me and i used to be like WHERE WERE YOU HIDING :) How much he loved music, listened to all the classic and we got to know how amazing old movie songs were because of him..

What ever wrong i did, what ever foolish moves i made in life daddy always said it was right and it will be okay.. Always game to sit down and talk about what ever it was.. His laugh would be heard till the end of the lane and his had a amazing sense of humor.. Called us by so many nick names specially kevi, he called kevi a million nick names.. 

I still look at dad's younger days pictures and imagine what if daddy was a model he would have been a Game Changer he dressed up so well and so classic, every shirt he picks is so perfect and wears them so well.. A man with style..

He worked all his life, i mean ALL his life since a small boy to till date.. My only complaint to god is that my daddy deserved a few more years.. To come back to his home town and live in the house he built and be by my side when i got married, carry my kids and tell me that i will be a good husband and a good father just like him..

I have never thanked him enough for all that he has done.. Daddy we love u a lot and we always will.. I know for a fact that you are watching over us and you would want us to be happy.. You are always a part of our lives..

Love you daddy, we miss you...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Marriage & Commitment..

What can be said.. It all seems like a circus but the most important bit in all of this is forgotten during this Whole Marriage Gala, that 2 people who love each other and have made both of their different worlds into one small world of their own and in between all of this comes all the extra's like religion, disagreements in choice of music, location, color combination and what not.. BUT I am lucky to have found a partner who is strong enough to make this all seem easy.. There is always a million of people involved and wanting to tell this would be nice and that looks good and this and that.. But I just want you to know it all doesn’t matter to me, all that matters is that i am getting married to you and it doesn’t matter where and how i don’t mind stand in a traffic light and saying "I Do".. I will love you and take care of you all my life, every single day..

We all grow up with our own imaginations of how will we dress during our wedding day and which song will be played for the 1st dance and what will be served for desert and what not.. But when the day comes all that matters is that one person that you give your all to and everything else just seems secondary.. The society always has its set of rules but that cant mend the love I have for you, not today and not tomorrow..

I am just writing this cause our wedding preps are on full blast and there's a lot of things we are putting in to place and a lot of planning i just wanted to say sorry in advance if few things don’t go as planned.. God is watching over us he will always know what we have in mind and he won’t disappoint us..
So the bottom line is i am very very excited to be YOUR MAN :) :) The rest of the rules and regulations can go find someone else to bother cause I am all set to be married :D

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special Day, Special Date..

Special Dates, Specials Days.. We all have those special times where we remember or celebrate a special occasion.. And now I have a Special Date, this Day will be a beginning on a whole new level of life.. And what better than me Sharing this Special Day with the Love of my Life :D… It’s our Wedding Dayyyyyy hehe I din know I will be this excited to say this but just the fact that I will be living the rest of my life and will be taking every small decision in life from now on with You “My Little Princess” is the most exciting part…

I just wanted to write this to say how excited I am abt this day, the wedding dates will soon be informed to you all who is reading this.. But this is also for all you to know that this day, this special day will means a lot to Pearl and Me so I request you all to keep us in your prayers so that we can put all our plans in to actions and work towards making this Special Day of ours THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIFE

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Only One

We meet a lot of people every day.. People come and go, few of them become friends and few of them we like and few of them we never want to meet again.. And in between all of this you fall in love and you break up and what not.. But one day you meet this one person who changes it all for you, like how they say “Game Changer” hehe.. Life narrows down and you see the best of life, you want to do the things you never imagined you would do and you wanna say the things you would have never imagined you would say.. You realize how grown up you are and how kiddish you can be.. It’s not easy to give your 100% to one person but believe me when you do noting feels as good as that :) :)

Knowing the fact that you always have a person who genuinely cares about you and loves you for what you are at all times in all situations, and is making sure you are taking good care of yourself when that person is not around.. It is good to know that cuddling, holding hands, kissing when waiting at traffic lights and more are not only in the movies but it does happen for real and I am living it..

I have met My Only One and what can I say, now I believe in the saying “Life is Beautiful”.. Babe, it is all and all cause of you.. You have changed my life for the BEST and made everything around me so perfect.. You instantly bring the best out of me and having you besides me and having you as my partner is a Blessing.. I love you a lot and always will..

Dedicated to My Baby Pearl...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sometimes you need to know where you Belong…

Life comes with a lot of Action and Drama, which teaches you a lot of things and makes you what you are.. But after a certain point, few situation and few scenarios don’t feel the same like they did few years back.. Maybe 5yrs back you would have handled the same action or drama differently but today you will not be able to handle it the same way.. Priorities change and responsibilities change, that is when you need to know who are the ones you wanna keep close and who are the ones you wanna let go off.. It’s not always easy to do so but again it’s not always fun and games..

I personally never thought that I would have to come across this thought but then I have reached that point and I know this is where I need to be stronger than before and make my choices..And the best part is that i know its for the better.. :) :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Live a Simple Life and not a Competitive One...

How we live life, a life where all we care abt is I and Me that is all we care abt and think abt.. If we even for a moment think for someone apart from ourselves, maybe u could just end up making someone’s day or just end up making someone smile.. Life doesn’t come with an expiry date, we need to make sure the time we spend with someone makes a difference and he/she cherishes that little moments spent with you.. We can be gone from this world just like that without even a warning and the most important is once ur gone even if there are a few people who remember you for all that u were tats when you can say “A life well lived”

Making a difference in someone’s life can be easy.. You don’t need to find strangers to do so, we can start with our family/that special one/friends.. People always come and go some stay and some don’t but what matters the most is what memory you leave in that person.. We are all competing vs each other whether it’s at work or at school or college or whatever but can we think of one time that we let someone else go ahead of us?? Not because we can’t do it just because it meant a little more to the other person... 

Monday, June 17, 2013

That "Something" that means Everything to You :)

Sometimes how you just know that you feel right about something 
and everything around that something feels right 
and every small thing around that something makes you smile.. 
And when that something is away from you its weirdly weird, 
cause noting seems to match that something..

There is a lot of times I have used “Something” in the above statement :) 
But I dint find an alternate word to it yet :)